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Attachments - Rainbow Rowell This was a rom-com of a book. It was mildly entertaining, and ended like all good rom-coms should, with the right thing happening at the end really, a non-spoiler, the right girl & guy end up together.. It has the cast of colorful and wacky supporting characters. It has a Y2K historical setting, which I found mildly disturbing. It is well written, but I will be pressed to even remember the main character's names a week from now (Beth and Lincoln). Although I will probably remember Doris, I really liked her.

I am now 1 for 3 with Rainbow Rowell books. I loved Fangirl, but abandoned Elanor and Park. Attachments was ok. I am in library queue for her latest book, Landline. With such mixed results, why am I drawn to her books? The covers. Yes, the simple retro artwork has me irrationally made me a Rainbow Rowell fan.