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After Ben (Seattle Stories Book 1) - Con Riley

At first I did not think this book had a big impact on me, but more than a week has gone by and instead of forgetting about it, it’s still on my mind. After Ben is a patchwork view of a man’s life one year after unexpectedly losing a much loved spouse. Theo is grieving, and while the grief does seem overwhelming, it is mostly internalized. Although Theo has socially disconnected, he is functioning and taking baby steps to get back to normal. Theo goes to work, goes to the gym, and he goes online for social interaction. Social media is social, right?. In this process, Theo finds new opportunities, rekindles old friendships, strengthens family bonds and finds love. There were some odd twists and perhaps some extraneous plot lines which I think are seeds for other stories in this series,but overall I liked the pacing, loved the characters, and adored how the social interactions were written. After Ben was a win for me. Is it a tear jerker? Not for me,because

I am a cold fish and books almost never bring me to tears

(show spoiler)

 but your mileage may vary.