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wrap-up of the Adrien English series

The Dark Tide (The Adrien English Mysteries) (Volume 5) - Josh Lanyon

3 ½ stars. Overall a nice culmination to this series, but not a total sparklefest for me.


*light spoilers follow*

Adrien [with an ‘e’] is normally such a relateable character, however, but I didn't quite get him in this book. I can understand wanting to take time to physically heal before he confronted major emotional issues. And I can understand him having trust issues with Jake. But I don’t really why he was he going on dates with Mel? Thank goodness the Mel was exposed for being the weenie that he is. At least we had the voice of reason in Jake referring to Guy as Gandalf. Speaking of exes, Adrien’s mild obsession with Paul Kane and refusal to even think about Kate was uncharacteristically childish.


Jake was largely redeemed for many of his past transgressions, and almost came across as the knight in shining amour (with a puppy no less). I know it was pretty much a plot device, but it didn’t seem to make sense that the best thing for Jake was to get out of town. Is the best move for a newly out-of-the-closet man to become a sheriff in a small town in Vermont? Really? I don’t like how Kate was a faceless character in the book. I know, it wasn't about her, but surely Jake cared for her and that must have weighed on his psyche


Ok, even though I am complaining, it’s the push me/pull you not-quite-clicking dynamic between Adrien and Jake that makes the so compelling.


Whodunit.  It was ok. As it turns out, the murder involves

a gay cop

(show spoiler)

. That sort of reflective story in a story seems to be a favorite device of the author.