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Out of the Darkness (Dark Horse, #2) - Kate Sherwood
Four stars and a commitment to this series.  Out of the Darkness is the 2nd installment of the Dark Horse series and it's better than the first.   
The story picks up immediately after Dark Horse and follows Jeff, Dan and Evan in the early days of their committed ménage relationship.  This story addresses the mechanics of establishing their ménage relationship: what's allowed, what's not, what about twosomes, and basically how to establish comfort and trust.    Much like any budding relationship, there are pitfalls and awkwardness that go along with getting to know each other.   But it is not all seriousness, there is as much bromance as there is romance which makes it fun.   While not chock full of sex scenes,  there are enough fun times among the boys to scratch that itch.  I might add that Ms. Sherwood does an excellent job of creating chemistry between Dan, Evan and Jeff.   
In my review of Dark Horse, I likened it to a rom-com.  Out of the Darkness is more rom-com fare, and I mean that in the best way.  It's the funny, easy feel-good feelings that keep you reading.   The banter among the characters, along with Dan's inner dialog, is clever and well written.   Also, while Dark Horse was a tad bit long (the 2 hour 15 minute rom-com), Out of the Darkness moved at the perfect pace as was just the right length (the 90 minute movie).   
Thoughts & worries about next book.  The tension and conflict in Out of the Darkness almost all came from within the Dan/Jeff/Evan group.   Close friends and family have all be positive and supportive about the threesome.  Almost surprisingly so.  My prediction is that the next installment will address the challenges brought on from external sources and the prejudice they will no doubt face as they become a more established relationship group.