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My Fair Captain

My Fair Captain - J.L. Langley One point five stars. I really wanted to like this one. Granted the premise is absurd, but this sort of reading is for fun and escape, so why not. The author did a reasonable job setting up this world and I was ready to go with it. However, the dynamic between Aiden and Nate was not enjoyable to me. Aiden was so pliant and Nate referring to him as his boy was kind of icky. Plus there was not much tension or conflict between them. The virginal Aiden took to sex with his dominant husband too easily. I suppose it is silly that I am complaining about the unrealistic sex between the MCs in a book that is fantasy. But for me, I guess I like realistic relationships in unrealistic settings. I did like the father/son relationship between Nate and Trouble and wouldn't mind learning more about Trouble/Jeremy.