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Three Traders (Falls Chance Ranch #2)

Three Traders (Falls Chance Ranch #2) - Rolf,  Ranger CONFLICTED Is it possible to really like a book and simultaneously be creeped out by it? Why yes, it is possible.

This is the second book of four in the Falls Chance Ranch series. I was quite enchanted after the first book as it was totally unexpected, refreshing and unique. This installment picks up where the last left off, and Dale Aden has come to live with Flynn, Jasper, Paul and Riley in a 5-way committed relationship consisting of 3 tops and 2 brats. This is a story about Dale adjusting to his new life and becoming part of the family. There is angst, comfort, and even a life threatening adventure. There are the tender moments among the men that will melt your heart. And there are spankings.

So why do I have conflicted feelings about this book? Because it is creepy! The ranch & extended family thing combined with Flynn’s psychology mumbo jumbo feels like a weird mashup of scientology and those Mormon splinter groups where the men have multiple prairie dress wearing wives. While I enjoy the cowboy romance between Dale and Flynn, the fact of the matter remains that Dale was emotionally manipulated into the whole thing. In the end, it makes the sweetness of the story less wholesome.

I am not sure why I am so bothered by this. I read slavefics and dubcon and it is fiction, so no-harm no-foul, right? Books create safe place to explore kinks and relationships that you may never seek out in real life. I guess I never thought I would be exploring life in a cult. In the end, I feel a bit seduced by Flynn, and that’s pissing me off.