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Outwit, Outplay, Outlast: The Island by Lisa Henry

The Island - Lisa Henry

I wanted to read a Lisa Henry book having enjoyed her LHNB short The Last Rebellion. And yes, The Island did deliver that molar grinding, nail biting, hiss at the evil villain experience. And yes, there were parts that you felt guilty about enjoying because, you know, there should be nothing enjoyable about captive humans. And the author managed to throw in some twists that took me by surprise (I'm easy that way). And then, I hit the 65% mark and the story shifted gears and things weren't quite so intense. Not completely terrible, but not the same ride that you had in the first part of the book. There was just too much ground covered 

everything that goes between being a human captive and an HEA

(show spoiler)

 to fit in the last third of a book less than 200 pages. 

I do want to give a shout out for the awesome cover! Yes, of course, the torso cover is way overused and we should boycott them. However I really like this one. IDK, maybe it's the color scheme that works for me.