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Katie's Outlandish Goal for 2014

I love New Years. I love New Year's time not because I love Champagne (I do) but because I really love making lists and planning. New Years is a fresh start and an excuse to put some new practices in place. So this is what I plan to do.


1. Spend no money on books.  Yep, I want to see if I can get through 2014 without spending $ on books. Between the library, fanfic, freebies and the backlog of books that I own, this should be doable. Right? Of course, this goal has some fine print:

  1. I will purchase Captive Prince 3, anticipated sometime in 2014
  2. I will purchase anything Manna Francis publishes in 2014
  3. I will purchase book 8 from the Outlander series, expected in June 2014
  4. I have a Kobo balance and an Amazon gift card that I have yet to spend, so that is fair game
  5. I will allow bartering for books. Don't even ask what I have in mind, I just want to make sure I have my loopholes set up in advance.
  6. Paying for books with bitcoins will be allowed. jk... I am pretty sure that's a bad idea.


I may get as far as February with this resolution and proclaim "THIS IS STUPID", and that will be the end of my book economy experiment. For now, I plan to spend New Year's Eve buying books.


2. Up my book goal to 125 books


3. Start using shelves. Other than the standard shelves and a few others I created, I have not put this feature to good use and I plan to do so.


4. Figure out how I want to use Booklikes. I like Booklikes, but I have not figured how I want to use it and my usage thus far has been kind of random. I am not sure if I want to mirror what I do on Goodreads, or put it to some alternative use.