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The Butterfly King - Edmond Manning
This one kind of drove me crazy.  There were some recognizable elements of a king weekend, but egads, this was off the rails.   The few mysteries about kingships that were answered in this edition were overshadowed new ones.    
The rats!  This might gross out many folks, buy my kids had pet rats growing up.  Rats were a more intelligent and sociable alternative to hamsters.  They actually make good rodent pets (although I insisted on female rats because I drew the line at rat testicles).  So, take it from me, dead rats mounted on your boots is pretty disgusting.  
We know Vin has kinged some other men prior to Terrance (Rance?) and we know at least one other didn't go well.   Most importantly, we know that Vin appears to need some kinging remediation.  I also know that the next book skips ahead, post King Perry, so who knows how and when he actually gets his kinging groove.