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The brute and the Tory

A Seditious Affair - K.J. Charles
Oh the brute and the Tory, an odd couple, regency style.  Good story, good characters and good chemistry.  I loved how Silas had Dominic dialed in.
I haven't been reading much mm lately, but this was a gentle reminder as to why the genre is so appealing to me.  You can have two very different people from very different circumstances connect and fall in love and the romance isn't polluted by patriarchal constructs that often drive a woman to attach herself to a man.  This is especially true for a regency era historical.   While Silas was at an economic disadvantage to Dominic, he wasn't subjected to assumed entitlement on Dominic's part.   Furthermore, he was not considered plucky or stubborn.  Both characters were well formed, both experienced challenge and development and their romance progressed organically and delightfully.