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Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay

Those Who Leave and Those Who Stay - Elena Ferrante My goodness, could these get any better. There is something so raw and exposing about these characters, you almost feel embarrassed for them.

In my review of the first book, I mentioned how the books were woman centric without being feminist themed. Strike that. Lenu and Lila are all grown up and are tackling their complicated lives during a complicated time. They make interesting choices in life, love and career.

As usual, the author has artfully titled the book, and is reflected in so many facets of the book. Leaving and staying in the neighborhood, your marriage, your career, your family, your destiny.

2016 reading challenge checks the box for 24. A book with a protagonist that has your occupation (or an occupation you have had in the past). I'm so excited that I could weave these books into my reading challenge and I was worried about finding a book that fit this item. Lila has become computer programmer and systems analyst in the era of big iron IBM. Granted, I don't do too much programming myself these days, i analyze the fuck out of lots of things.