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Dirty Heart

Dirty Heart - Rhys Ford Wow, this is probably one of the highest rated books I've seen (that's actually out and has more than a handful or ratings). At the time I write this, 61% have rated it 5 stars. I get it. It's a very good series, great characters and the romance element is genuine. I personally like the established couple trope and I found the connection between Jae and Cole satisfying. The non-romantic relationships are also well done, and a local to me setting is also a plus.

But then there is the mystery. The one mystery that runs through all the books, why Ben did what he did, does get answered. I just felt like, really, seriously, that was it? The other thing that bugged me, does everyone in this series have to get shot? So much of this series feels real and genuine, but the over emphasis on gun violence turns it into something it doesn't have to be. Just my opinion. I understand the love for this series and I share and respect that love. I just didn't love this conclusion.