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maybe I need to be kinged

King Perry - Edmond Manning
I found this terrifically seductive.   Who doesn't want to be kinged?  Who doesn't want to be loved and adored, even if it's for a weekend?  It's a fantastic idea and certainly innovative (? is that the right word ?) for mm.  I loved Vin.  I loved how Vin loved.  It was a long weekend, yet satisfying.  And that scene with the cello, hubba hubba!
But yet, there were things niggling at me.  Sometimes I wish I could let go and not worry about the niggles.   I had the same problem reading the Falls Chance Ranch series. (BTW, WHY DON'T I EVER SEE ANYONE READING FCR ANYMORE?).   I loved the the open and accepting loving found on the ranch, even if it came with very strict rules.  Still, I couldn't help but call bullshit on it as well, especially on Flynn and his phony psychobabble credentials.  With Vin and his kinging process, I just can buy that a weekend of challenge and fun will 'fix' someone one in any meaningful way.
So, I will take this for the fun and good feels and check my worries at the door as I go on to the next kinging experience.