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How to Howl at the Moon

How to Howl at the Moon - Eli Easton I struggle with with shifters. I mean, I get the idea that they are special and need to fulfill both their human and animal forms. I get that the shifter communities need to protect themselves and often need to be covert, all of which creates tension and conflict. All of this makes for an excellent setup and a good story. How to Howl at the Moon follows this formula with an outsider moving to town, unbeknownst to him, he's hanging with some dog-shifters. It's a very cute story with fun characters and a decent plot. But....I just can't get past the idea of a cute dog companion turning into your human/dog lover. It just cuts a little to close to... you know, having sex with your dog. I know that's not the case. This is clearly my hang up, and I wish I didn't have it because there are tons of good shifter stories that I'm missing out on.