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Classic Josh Lanyon

Cards On The Table - Josh Lanyon

You have a writer with health issues taking on a cold case from old Hollywood. You have a cop neighbor. You have that uncertain tension between them. Never seen that before! Throw in a few colorful characters to murk up the waters and a tidy ending and case closed. One thing I personally like about these little books is how Lanyon nails certain aspects of LA. The old apartments with the pool in the middle and the laundry room out back. These buildings all had names like Quo Vadis, Pacific Breeze or The Strathmore Arms 

which is where I lived as a college student, and it's still around!http://www.rentstrathmore.com/brochur... Amazing what a nice glossy brochure can do to improve a 400 square foot cockroach infested box with a view of the cemetery.

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2016 reading challenge checks the box for 14. A book you can finish in a day