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Seveneves: A Novel - Neal Stephenson
I could probably write a log review discussing the problems with this book. It's super heavy on the technical detail. It's very unbalanced in its treatment of major and minor plot points. It short changes major components and drops some all together. The author lazily appropriates real people instead of creating original characters. Yes, there is plenty to criticize in the 880 page tome. Yet for all its faults, I thoroughly enjoyed reading Seveneves. It took me on an adventure where I was able to explore a true doomsday scenario. It's a fact that our earth and solar system cannot last forever. Even if we humans are perfect stewards of our planet, our sun will eventually burn out. That means, if humans are to survive, we need to figure out how to do it in space, on asteroids or in alternate solar systems. Speculating on the technology required to do so is one thing, and there was some very cool tech featured in Seveneves. But the thing that makes Seveneves compelling is the anthrogenetic (yeah I made that word up) speculation and how it all plays out. The story arcs' of the individual characters are interesting, but taken at face value, always felt lacking. However, the real protagonist is the human race in the role of a meta-character that is complex, flawed and hopeful and one that I will always root for. Go us.

2016 reading challenge - satisfies 20. A science fiction novel.