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Career of Evil

Career of Evil - Robert Galbraith For those who read this, how about that ending!?!?! (more on this later)

Ok, I'm biased. I was predisposed to love this and I was not disappointed. For me, the detective/gum shoe genre is as much about the detective (character) as it is about the mystery (plot). In this one, Cormoran's partner Robin is the recipient of a disembodied leg, so natually they need to investigate who sent it. Lucky for Cormoran, he has 3 ready suspects and makes it his personal mission to find out who's behind this as the actual police bumble along. Of course, pro bono work doesn't put food on the table, and we all know food is very important to Cormoran. So there is the juggle of investigations, the stress and strain of keeping the agency solvent, and of course, both Robin and Cormoran have their personal lives to worry about.

I am loving the push and pull between Cormoran and Robin. I am convinced that JK Rowling was a Bruce Willis/Cybill Shepard fan. And judging from the ending, she learned a very important lesson from Moonlighting that once the tension was cut, the show was never the same.
So here's to Cormoran and Robin, and may the tension between be ever tight.