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Matters of State

Matters of State - A. Phallus Si A creative intergalactic/interspecies romp, with echos from last year's DRitC entry [b:Strange Charm|22669135|Strange Charm|A. Phallus Si|https://d.gr-assets.com/books/1404635936s/22669135.jpg|42171315]. If you like the possessive daddy-esque trope, you will find this yummy. It's filled with good humor:
“He was assisting in docking assignments for the gala when he became intrigued by your dimensions.”

There are also plenty of nuggets planted for more follow stories in this verse.

Reader tip - load it up in your ereader so you can get the quick access to dictionary/wikipedia definitions. The author has some mad linguistic skills.

PS - Wheelbarrow Races... By chance did Jax and Igor watch Damien and unidentified partner compete?