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Presenting Jory's bizarre showcase of devotion to Sam

Bulletproof - Mary Calmes

This is the one in which I really try to understand Jory. No doubt about it, Jory is an original. Sam is conspicuously absent for most of this book, and it feels like a Jory showcase. A showcase of Jory proving his devotion and loyalty to Sam where all menz find Jory utterly and completely irresistible. So how did I find Jory?

Jory is flitty. (what fancy dictionary, you don't know what flitty means?, look up JORY).

Jory is an airhead. I think he likes this persona an perpetuates it.

What's up with Jory and all the rich dudes... (view spoiler)

Jory is smart. Jory would fight this assertion tooth and nail. Jory is the king of self deprecation. Which means he is self aware and the joke is on you if you think he is an airhead.

Jory is a flirt. The counterargument to this is that Jory is not so much a flirt as he is someone who needs his ego stroked. Jory finds himself in close proximity to lots of guys who express an interest in him. While all situations may not be avoidable, he doesn't seem to steer clear of them. So when you find Jory saying "no" and "the door is over there" to any guy but Sam, is it because Jory needs the validation, or is it because he is hopelessly devoted to Sam? (Muuhwaaa.... please give me your heart felt opinions)

Jory is in need of some life goalsOk, I just saw Jory change careers 3 times and Sam was nowhere around to discuss this with him. Yeah, yeah, he wants to be a father, and that's great. His career ambitions seems to be fluid.

Jory doesn't need any m-effing miracles. This will sort themselves out nicely. Could any character but Jory endured this?