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Control - Cordelia Kingsbridge
Possibly inspired by the Stepford Wives, Control features technology assisted subjugation for an interesting twist on a slavefic.  I loved the first half and was read chapter after chapter.   While it wasn't hard to see where general story arc was headed, the author has several unexpected twists and developments.  It got very plotty, especially the last third.   I loved Joaquin the whole way.  I loved Misha under mind control, but true Misha (er...Raphael) not so much (and I feel kinda icky for thinking this).  
While this isn't perfect, it's damn good and I applaud Ms. Kingsbridge for her work and offering it free.  If you like suspense, intrigue, characters and the various flavors of kink that Ms. Kingsbridge specializes in, I highly recommend her work.