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A novella that could have grown to a novel

Body Art - Jordan Castillo Price
I loved the setting and a character named Ray who was starting over after failed relationship and business.  The other MC, Anton is the sexy artistic genius, who seems be on a short leash controlled by his sister.  I found their first meeting rather unique and romantic, at night in the woods.  It was all nicely paced and a good setup for our MCs.    The mystery was ok, but the ending and resolution were rushed.   However, there were a few interesting elements to the story that I thought were really well done and worth mentioning.
One was the portrayal of a character with dementia.  Ray was hired to be a driver for an elderly couple, but his job description informally expanded to include some hands-on care of dementia-stricken Mr. White  Care for such patients often has a very physical component in addition to the draining emotional element.  Ray gets called on to assist in bathing Mr. White, and as unpleasant as that is, he does so with good grace.   The thing with dementia is it can be fluid, and a patient can be lucid in the morning and while out of it by dinner, and Mr. White is no exception.
The other element I found interesting and well portrayed and that was Anton's mental illness.   According to his sister, he was bipolar, with more swings to the manic side.  Dealing with someone who is manic can be challenging, especially if it's a new lover.  You want to please, yet common sense says run for cover.  There was a scene that took place during a storm where the author captures this quandary really well.  
So there was a mystery and things came together, but I felt that it was a bit rushed.  It makes me wonder if this was a longer story edited down to a novella.  I would have very much liked seeing more attention given to the mental health issues and the challenges that it can place on a relationship.
Audiobook comments - (I received a free copy from an AudiobookBlast promo in exchange for an honest review)  Fantastic narration by Gomez Pugh, all well done.  I have had the PsyCop series in my audiobook queue for a while, and this 3 hour novella has me excited for more of his talent combined with JCP's excellent writing.