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Fever Pitch - Heidi Cullinan
Not quite as endearing as the first installment of this series, but I like of like this LL universe.  There was a lot happening in this book, including a very involved music theme which I quite rather enjoyed.
On the positive side, I thought the author brilliantly wove the story line from the last book (and the next) into this.   This was clearly Giles and Aaron's story, but I found comfort in Walter's return (yes, Kelly was there, but not in a prominent way).  
I had trouble with Aaron's daddy issues.  His father was simultaneously controlling and absent and it didn't make much sense.   I can understand a controlling father, but there wasn't really much there for Aaron to crave his approval.   Also, what's wrong with studying music?  Sure the chance of making it BIG in music might be slim, but so are the chances of a business major becoming a CEO.
I was never quite sure what to make of side characters Baz and Elijah, and I still don't quite know.  But I am intrigued enough to find out in the next LL installment.