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It's nice to know I am capable of enjoying a sweet story

Love Lessons - Heidi Cullinan
This book proves that I am not a cold hearted grinch and I can actually enjoy a sweet NA story.   Love Lessons was well done, and the characters had real and relatable problems.  
True story - at Disneyland, little girls often dress up as princesses.  There is even a place in Fantasyland called Bibbity Bobbity Boutique where they can get their hair done. The princess-dos are horrible glitter laden headache inducing tight buns.  If the parents are feeling really flush, they spring for absurd extensions.  Peek behind the spoiler if you must...
(show spoiler)
...But I digress.   Once at Disneyland, hanging out near Small World, I spotted a little boy dressed as a prince, with epaulets on his jacket and hair tastefully gelled.  He was adorbs, and I loved that his parents indulged his princely desires.  I pictured Kelly as a grown up version of this little Disney prince, with loving supportive parents who want him to chase his dreams.
I also loved that neither Kelly nor Walter were one-note characters.  They had depth and they evolved.  They dealt with their issues in a meaningful way.  And they took things reasonably slow.  Most of all, I felt their connection and it was sweet.  Oh gawd... listen to me.  I better go read something nasty and dark now.
Audiobook note - Iggy Toma, excellent narrator, and I am sure it contributed my positive impression of the book.   I give 5 stars to the narration.  Also, this was my first mm audiobook that I have found at the library.  Way to go LAPL!  I have been checking out mm ebooks from the library for the past couple of years, but till now, the audiobooks have been mostly non-existent.