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The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1)

The Isle of... Where? (Isle of Wight, #1) - Sue  Brown Cute fast paced romance and instant family. Not sure if I liked it enough to follow Sam and Liam navigate the long distance relationship.

...and now for a sidebar commentary about something that happened in the book...
There was a chapter where Sam is confronted by an old boyfriend and things get tense for a while. Fortunately everything gets sorted without too much trouble. We find out that Sam's old boyfriend was physically abusive towards him which is never a nice thing. In the aftermath of the confrontation, Liam and Sam's brothers asked him about the relationship:
Liam - "I'm confused why you stayed with such a dick"
Brother Dan - "Why the hell did you get into a relationship with Charlie if you knew what he was like?”

Unfortunately, for someone who is the victim of abuse, simple answers to these common sense questions don't exist and they generally end up making the abused feel bad about themselves. If you know someone who is in an abusive relationship, give them support, make things safe for them, and listen to them. But don't make them feel like an idiot for their choices. Chances are the situation is way more complicated than you will ever know.