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do nice guys finish last?

Every Fifteen Minutes - Lisa Scottoline

This was good old fashioned mindfuck sort of story, where things start going tits up for a really nice guy, and he has to figure out how to set things right. And of course, the more he tries, the worse things get. What I really really liked is how this author wrote her characters and I especially loved Dr. Eric Parrish. Dr. Parrish is a psychiatrist, a dedicated professional and he is empathetic and insightful to a fault. It also features a funny defense attorney, a teen with OCD, and lots of doctors.

I have mentioned in other reviews, as much as I enjoy mysteries and thrillers, I am terrible at solving them. So if I figure out the whodunit before the end of the book, it's not a good sign. No problem here, the only thing I had figured out was that it wasn't

 the obvious red herring

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. Things do reach an interesting climax and you do get clarity on what has happened. I was left wondering about one aspect that didn't seem to completely tie in, and for anyone who has read this, can you answer:

did redacted-evil-character-name have anything to do with the timing of the ex-wife moving and limiting access to Hannah to the letter of their agreement? did I miss something?

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Tangential thought 1 - the author had the character Eric often refer to women as females, as in 'a female clerk' or 'two female nurses were working that shift'. This normally puts me off, and I was a bit surprised given the author is a member of the female tribe. This seemed odd as there was absolutely nothing misogynistic about Eric's character. It occurred to me that it was really part of Eric' characterization - the objective physician who merely observed gender as any other trait such as hair or eye color. I did check on similar references to males, and there were some, but not nearly as prevalent female references. Gender bias of the character? Deep seeded bias of the author? Or is it Katie over-thinking this point?

Tangential thought 2 - The author seemed to be well versed several subject areas presented in the book such as psychiatric care, criminal defense and SAT preparation courses. She obviously does research. However, it did seem odd that she featured Facebook as only social media platform used when investigating murdered teen's potential friends and acquaintances. Even I know that the kids don't use Facebook anymore.