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High Risk - Rick R. Reed

Blah... This was an ok-minus. This is the second abduction/thriller I have read in recent weeks, and it makes me appreciate The Sex Lives of Siamese Twins even more. I personally am sensitive to how characters are written and I really don't like when an author pours in extra stuff just to be descriptive without contributing in some meaningful way. I don't have to like a character, but I have to like how a character is portrayed.

I think the author has potential, but needs to hone his characterization a bit more carefully.

Audiobook comments - (I received a free copy from an AudiobookBlast promo in exchange for an honest review). I liked the narrator, and I appreciated the subtle Chicago accent given the book's setting. Overall I'd give three stars to the narration and production quality. The narrator was a bit monotone in places, but did a reasonably good job of distinguishing voices.