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The Dorito Effect: The Surprising New Truth About Food and Flavor - Mark Schatzker
Opps.   Library book got returned before I could write a review and my bookmarks are lost so I don't have all my bookmarked notes.  Review from memory.
The Dorito Effect is an interesting take on food, nutrition and our love of eating things we shouldn't.   The premise that fresh food has been engineered for maximum yield and flavor has been lost.  No controversy there, we all know that those beautiful unblemished red tomatoes tastes like cardboard.   As a result, we add flavors, like that addictive cheesy stuff on Cheetos.   Historically flavor meant nutrition and our inclination seek variety of flavors is beneficial because it led to balanced nutrition.  However, vitamin supplements and flavored foods confuse this flavor/nutrition association.   The good news is that technology got us into this mess, and the author things that technology get us out of this mess.   
Audiobook gripe - don't refer to the book as an audiobook!   I don't know who thinks its a good idea, but it sounds really stupid, especially when you refer to the spine of the audiobook.
Audiobook narrator comment -  sqeeeee, Adrien English read me this book.