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It won't change your life, but it was nice

One Man Guy - Michael Barakiva

This was a perfectly pleasant 3-star YA mm story that pairs a teen from a culturally immersed Armenian family with a slightly older teen who seems to have minimal parental presence.   There were messages about love and acceptance and doing the right thing.  There were misunderstandings and conflicted loyalties.   For the story backdrop, the angst level was relatively low.  The Armenian food described sounded delicious. 


I had one small fit of rage when reading caused by something that Ethan did and the non-existent reaction of Alek.  This plot point is not significant to the story in any way, but it really chapped me since there was Alek as all about doing the RIGHT thing.   ½ star deducted!


No story spoilers, but if you want to know what happened that torqued me

While milling around a Barnes & Noble, Ethan takes an expensive looking book, carries it around for a while, and then proceeds to a cashier to return it, claiming it was a gift and he didn't have a receipt.  He got a store credit and gave it to Alek.   Alek doesn't say anything about it which I found inconsistent with his character.  I'm sorry, but what Ethan did was shoplifting, plain and simple.

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