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One hot déjà vu mess

A Matter of Time, Vol. 2 - Mary Calmes

Déjà vu because there were many scenes that seemed familiar, although I am 99.99% certain that I have not read this volume before. I'm not talking about "all Mary Calmes books are alike, so of course it seems familiar". I distinctly recall specific things, such as the new sister in law and her father getting sick. I also recall the scene at the end, were

Sam is part of a wedding party, but he and Jory are not out to everyone as a couple

(show spoiler)

. ETA: I'm an idiot. I did read it. I never marked it in GR, but I have it in my Calibre library. Obviously I recall details, but not really the plot. But now I know why, the plot is one hot mess!

It's a hot mess because so much is happening. Major plot points happen and get resolved in the span of a chapter. For instance,

Sam almost getting blown to pieces, and presto is going to make it, and presto, he is back having sex with Jory

(show spoiler)

. In this one, Jory tries his hand at playing detective. In true Jory fashion, he flits into doing dangerous and inadvisable situations where he has no business. He is a self proclaimed airhead, but insists he knows better than experienced detectives and the FBI in catching dangerous criminals.

Interspersed with the crazy "whodunnit" plot is the development of the Sam and Jory relationship. If you like a hot dominant alpha slashed with a hot submissive twink, this is a good pairing for you. I am not a big Sam Kage fan, I find his persistence in making Jory "his" creepy. But for all his faults, I like Jory, even if I don't find him a bit believable.

As for the audiobook, the narrator does a great job of capturing Jory and is really good at the banter that makes up about 80% of the book.