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Hard to be disappointed when expectations are low to start

Long Hard Ride - Lorelei James

This book was an experiment.  I was curious about mfm, and this one also advertised some mm as well.   I did not expect a conventional romance, and i did not get one.  But I was shocked at the very conventional ending.   I tend to look at these reads with my feminist googles on, and I always hope for some sort of ideal where a woman can enjoy sex without all the stereotypical trappings.  To some extent that happened.  


There were some WTF moments.  For instance, Why was Channing worried that Colby would be upset when he learned that she was on the pill?  The only reasons I can think of are a) Colby is upset that he won't be able propagate his DNA or b) Colby is upset because his girlfriend might be slutty.   Either reason kinda sucks.  


Also, I  have to admit that as much as I enjoy a mm pairing, it prevented this from being a polyamourous relationship.  With everyone paired off, not that much partner exploring happen.  


My expectations were low, so no disappointment.  Also, lots of skimming.