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it was ok, but won't go in the favorites pile

Armed and Dangerous: Four Dangerous Ground Novellas, Volume 1 - Josh Lanyon

Overall, a solid 3.

Dangerous Ground - nice start, but the MCs seem to come together without too much tension and conflict.

Old Poison - I like this mystery and nice development between Will and Taylor. But evil me wants more conflict.  Evil me wants David Bradley to muck things up (be careful for what you wish!)

Blood Heat - The thriller/action story on this one just did not work. Pregnant woman, Russian mafia, eye rolls.

Dead Run - I actually liked the action story in this last book, but I had issues regarding the relationship. Amnesia, are you kidding me? And David Bradley just happened to be in Paris when it happened. It's almost comical. In the end it had a nice ending.


Sidebar rant 1. In the last book,Taylor's inner dialog said something like "Anyway most the romantic poems, songs and paintings and in the world were by men."   My reaction, seriously Josh Lanyon?  Patriarchy much?  Am I being overly sensitive if this raises my feminist hackles?  End Rant.

Sidebar rant 2. Taylor mentioned something about LAX is one of the biggest airports in the world. I know that Josh Lanyon knows Southern California, so I found this statement as odd. It's definitely up there with respect to passenger traffic, but it's actually on the small size in terms of area. And while I'm ranting, LAX is an embarrassment. It's ugly, cramped and has terrible food. It is not a world class airport. Pro tip: if you are flying into the US, avoid flying into LAX if you can. End Rant.