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Color me surprised

Faith & Fidelity - Tere Michaels

...that I enjoyed this as much as I did. I can be a fickle mm reader and usually books that have had broad popularity are just meh for me. I was looking for something that wasn't too gimmicky and that featured characters who were firmly past NA. I'm not a fan of the GFY and there were things would normally be problematic for me

(it seemed a tad soon after the death of his wife for Evan to fall in love, and I hate unexplained break-ups).

(show spoiler)

Still, I became attached to the characters and the small but uplifting story arcs felt just right for me right now.

these books people, they're quite excellent

The Story of a New Name - Elena Ferrante

I'm feeling way too lazy to write a review, and this convo pretty much sums it up for me. Special thanks to Lenore for being my review muse.

Saga Volume 4

Saga Volume 4 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples I love this series. By this volume, I am plenty invested into the characters and story line which continues to take unusual twists and turns. The imaginative creativity in the artwork still blows me away. Also, there lots of sexy happening.

Lonesome Town

Lonesome Town - Tom Mendicino I'll write more later... But damn, I love this author.

Bull Mountain

Bull Mountain - Brian Panowich I think this book is heavily influenced by today's scripted television found on premium channels. Of course, I say that knowing nothing of the author, his background or other writing. It just struck me that this fits well with the complex, twisted and dark stories we have come to enjoy. Highly recommended if you like good storytelling and don't mind a bit of terror and violence.

Silver & Black

Silver & Black - Tyler May So this is a second order fanfic hoping to be the gay 50 shades. I lost interest when Greyson oogled about Silver running a million dollar business. A million dollar business? That could be the Jiffy Lube down the street. image

The Collector

The Collector - John Fowles Creepy. I distinctly enjoyed Frederick's POV (he's the collector) over Miranda's (she's the collectee).

While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness

While the City Slept: A Love Lost to Violence and a Young Man's Descent into Madness - Eli Sanders I guess this shows that distinction in journalism doesn't necessarily translate to books. The theme centered around the flaws in how we as a society care of the mentally ill, and that is a worthy topic to explore. It was a sad story with many lives irreparably broken in the wake of Isaiah Kalebu's illness. Still the author's metaphorical analogy to the care for Duwamish River was awkward and there wasn't the call to action that I had expected.

Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War

Purgatory: A Novel of the Civil War - Jeff Mann Sorry Lena, this was just ok for me. The author a good job of capturing the hardship of the setting and it seemed historically accurate. The characters were reasonably well formed. My issue was with the story arc, it didn't seem to arc as much as waffle between an endless hurt/comfort cycle.

What's the opposite of war?

Saga, Volume 3 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

No, it's not peace.  It's much better than that.  


(show spoiler)

These books are so otherworldly, yet completely embody the human struggle. And they're damn funny to boot.  I recommend!

How to Howl at the Moon

How to Howl at the Moon - Eli Easton I struggle with with shifters. I mean, I get the idea that they are special and need to fulfill both their human and animal forms. I get that the shifter communities need to protect themselves and often need to be covert, all of which creates tension and conflict. All of this makes for an excellent setup and a good story. How to Howl at the Moon follows this formula with an outsider moving to town, unbeknownst to him, he's hanging with some dog-shifters. It's a very cute story with fun characters and a decent plot. But....I just can't get past the idea of a cute dog companion turning into your human/dog lover. It just cuts a little to close to... you know, having sex with your dog. I know that's not the case. This is clearly my hang up, and I wish I didn't have it because there are tons of good shifter stories that I'm missing out on.

where is the cover for this book?

Boystown 8: The Lies That Bind - Marshall Thornton

I am very happy that Marshall Thornton has a several more Nick Nowack books to write.  They deliver a great mix of mystery, character and historical touchstones of the 1980s.  There a bit of romance, conflicted and messy as is usual is with Nick.  I wouldn't have him any other way.

Then the Stars Fall - Brandon Witt

This was a soup to nuts busy plotted romance.  Technically everything was sound.  Good writing, good characters, good setup, good setting.  And props for the acknowledgment of a bisexual character.   Recommended for lovers of the slow burn romance with a heavy dose of kids, churches, and small town politics.  

war is hell

The Nightingale - Kristin Hannah

This book is an excellent reminder why hate spewing blow hards should not be entrusted to to run the country. Bad things happen to good people.

PS - this was the last audiobook given away at the now defunct Ford Audiobook Club. Thanks Ford. I don't know if your book club and giveaways ever inspired anyone to buy a new Ford, but I sure appreciated this and a few other free titles.

Then the Stars Fall

Then the Stars Fall - Brandon Witt This was a soup to nuts busy plotted romance. Technically everything was sound. Good writing, good characters, good setup, good setting. And props for the acknowledgment of a bisexual character. Recommended for lovers of the slow burn romance with a heavy dose of kids, churches, and small town politics.

This was the biggest little book ever

Full Circle - Michael Thomas Ford, Blake Somerset

It's epic in time span and history, hitting many 20th century touchstones of gay life in America. It's intimate in following the lives of Ned, Jack and Andy. These are your everyman men who we observe navigating their lives, loving and caring for one another, and figuring what this life means.